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Marketing Livestream Series: Thing's I Learnt in Lockdown

From those who learnt a lot in lockdown, to those who are looking for some inspiration to start new activations, we are excited to announce our first Livestream series.

Every Thursday in August, at 5 pm @mintysheridan will be interviewing someone who has grabbed their online marketing by the horns and made lemonade from lemons to show others how you can drive meaningful results through content marketing.

There is so much more to social media than simply posting on your feed. These companies will shed some light.


@copraorg, Thu 6th Aug @ 5 pm

@culsansgaptravel, Thu 13th Aug @ 5 pm

@fiericonsort, Thu 27th Aug @ 5 pm

Plus more to be confirmed

If you have a story of digital success to tell, reach out.

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