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4 things we learned...

4 things we learned at...

Creative Review: Social Strategy for Creatives, a panel at Working From_ Hoxton

On the panel: Sedge Beswick (Seen Connects), Greg Burne (Big Active), Mimi Gray (Visual Diet) and Jason Lowdon (Napapijri).

Discussing the changing world of social media and how to make it work in your favour, we learned a lot from this panel discussion hosted by Rachael Steven of Creative Review. Heres a round up of the top 4 things we think you need to know about social media in the creative industry.

1. Social media is influencing our creativity:

With access to millions of images at our fingertips (literally!) we have to be conscious of how we are influenced by this 'visual diet'. In the same sense of ‘you are what you eat’, what we take in visually each day has a huge impact on our mindset and influences our ideas.

“Its not where you take something from, it's where you take it to.” - Jean-Luc Godard

2. Beware of the Echo-chamber effect:

When we follow and engage with things on social channels we influence the algorithms. These programmes then work to show you more and more similar content that it thinks you will ‘like’. It can turn your social media feed into an echo-chamber if you’re not careful.

3. Fair game:

Social media has evened the playing field for artists and creatives. With its democratic system, the most popular content can come from anywhere; big brands or small niches are all capable of going viral. It’s also opened up opportunities for creativity in the sense that online, you can find an audience for anything, no matter how wacky or obscure.

4. Making connections:

Social media can give you access to individuals or brands you could never contact in the physical world. By dropping a DM you can make a personal connection without invading someones privacy. This gives us amazing opportunities for collaboration and the ability to grow our network beyond what we could be capable of offline.

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