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Case Study:

Chimera Recruitment

  • To bridge the gap between full time and temporary members of staff: Keeping the customer experience consistent.

  • To prepare the business for expansion

  • Celebrate temp workers through content and campaigns Short-Term:

  • Position selves as thought leaders


iPhoneX_Mockup STORY.jpg


- consumer insights

- trends & forecasting

- social media strategy

- optimisation

- campaign planning


- content creation

- curation & direction

- social media at events

- campaign management



- directors' strategy

- recruitment team training

- area managers for content collection


- tone of voice

- visual identity


follower growth

in month 1

engagement increased from

89 to 729


change in impressions


Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 09.49.19.png

One of our initial goals was to update the visual aesthetic of the brand on all social channels in order to create;

  • A more consistent visual aesthetic

  • Appeal to a wider target audience including their 'crew' primarily Gen-Z and potential clients in luxury industries. 

  • Create more engaging and re-postable content on each platform

  • Extend the range of content to support employees, temps and the wider industry.

Meanwhile paying homage to their iconic Chimera emblem. 



instagram video views averaged 265 per video


instagram engagement rates on the Harrods launch content were more than double the usual engagement rate

Post 1 slider 2.jpg



Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 10.48.19.png
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Empathetic, Experiential


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5 reasons Chimera is the best way for GenZ to start their career

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Transferable Skills from the

Shop Floor

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