• To bridge the gap between full time and temporary members of staff: Keeping the customer experience consistent.

  • To prepare the business for expansion

  • Celebrate temp workers through content and campaigns Short-Term:

  • Position selves as thought leaders



One of our initial goals was to update the visual aesthetic of the brand on all social channels in order to create;

  • A more consistent visual aesthetic

  • Appeal to a wider target audience including their 'crew' primarily Gen-Z and potential clients in luxury industries. 

  • Create more engaging and re-postable content on each platform

  • Extend the range of content to support employees, temps and the wider industry.

Meanwhile paying homage to their iconic Chimera emblem. 




Empathetic, Experiential


Luxury retail is becoming more creative, more experiential, more theatrical and more fun with every new queue that is created outside a store. As tech starts to take over various elements of admin, humans are left to be the most empathetic versions of themselves. 

5 reasons Chimera is the best way for GenZ to start their career

GenZ is set to be the multi-career generation. Savvy and interested in self-education, you are renowned for making hobbies into careers. This is a great way of working, having worked on the shop floor around our acting careers, all three Chimera directors understand this. 

Transferable Skills from the

Shop Floor

Whether you see this as an entry-level job, something to support your side-hustle, or an opportunity to grow towards a career in retail, the transferable skills that shape your work ethic are developing all the time.




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