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Marketing Trends: Inspired by Retail

Araminta Marketing write a lot of copy, from a lot of different angles for each of the companies they work alongside. We research behaviour, interact with audiences, write articles and create content for retail designers, retail recruiters and a retail association.

Together Store Design, Sales Assistants and Marketing create a trifecta championing exceptional experience. With a main focus in the beauty and fragrance sector, each of these companies are forward thinking, fast to adapt and exceptional in the services they provide. Beauty may be the first to apply the following foundations well, but these are insights that every industry must learn from as we reset our marketing mindsets

Working with the best in the business, from all angles, this is what we know about the exciting life of retail.

Victor Garcia

It’s Time to Move Away from Mediocrity

Being present is not the same as being perfect. Your consumers buy into so much more than a product. Beautiful branding, an in-store experience worth instagramming, as well as being nurtured on social media and on the shop-floor. Companies must create a consistent experience whilst injecting elements of surprise. Your consumer has found the perfect product, now they want to feel that your company cares.

Consumers and Employees Value Companies That Care

"Forty-five percent of consumers say they are more likely to research a product or service when someone relatable, like an employee, posts about it.” According to a 2020 report by Hootsuite.

To encourage employees to post about your product or service on social media, joy must be in your brand DNA. Environmentally, emotionally, and through quality, the consumer wants to know that you care. They don’t expect you to have all the answers in relation to sustainability, as long as you communicate your efforts and your intentions authentically. Customers are more likely to give their data to companies through feedback forms because they value the opportunity to feel heard. From here, it’s what we do with this data that counts...

Hyper-personalisation is the New Norm

Campaign Monitor has found that emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. Whilst this is an important start, personalisation is more than simply inserting a name at the start of an email.

  • Reformation update you as to how their shoppers positively impact the environment through purchasing their products over other peoples.

  • We use social media direct messaging to engage with people in a safe space.

  • Chimera train their team to genuinely take an interest in the shoppers they meet on the shop-floor.

Hyper-personalisation is caring on all platforms, on all levels.

Have a Holistic View

In-store or e-store, where do our shoppers come from? Where do they research you? Where do they buy? Does it really matter? When a company provides a holistic experience for the customer, they must look at their data holistically too. They may shop through Instagram, research in store, review you online or combine these elements however they feel inclined that day.

“Opening just one new physical store results in an average 37% increase in overall traffic to that retailer’s website, which increases to 45% when a brand is just emerging.”

Sheridan&Co have created more queues around stores in recent years than ever before. These queues often appear from the doors of brands that have been e-commerce online from conception and then tapped into stores experiences to take their company to the next level. The store is an experience, it gives the consumer a place, a community. In order to truly understand our companies we must look at our store data and our website stats, as well as our SEO efforts and Social Media Adverts.

In a world where most company trends come from business-to-consumer brands, aka human behaviour, your greatest opportunity is to look outside your industry and revisit moments that inspire you, wherever they may be.

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