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Covid-19: Social Media Trends

Covid-19 hasn't necessarily created new social media trends, but is has certainly accelerated trends that we were already predicting. Fake news aside, social media has been central in consumer cravings for community, communication and true connection meaning social media has been more 'actually social' than it has been in a long time. So, which platforms are performing?


We all need regular mood boosts, and those who haven't had time to try out TikTok do now. With boredom setting in, so is humour! Expect to see a whole lot more of this on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Heavy hearts surrounding closures of restaurants, fitness studios and other businesses are communicated on Instagram. This being said people have put their positive pants on and are sharing humour, stories, advice, ideas, entertaining content, educational content and the use live stories has BOOMED. Routine is key when it comes to sharing video, IGTV and live streams. Same time, same day every week. Check out Ben Lombards Isolation Mobalilstaion physio videos every Friday at 12pm. Keep moving, stretching and preventing ailments caused by long stretches of time hunched over your desk.

Instead of thinking 'how can I sell?', the smarter businesses are thinking 'how can I help?'. These are the companies, accounts and people standing out on social media. Check out Marguerite London's posts helping small businesses and freelancers.


Hyper-personalisation through WhatsApp was already on this rise and has taken a steep step up. This is the easiest way to share news to groups of loved ones or colleagues. WhatsApp groups are keeping people constantly connected from afar reducing feelings of loneliness and enabling people to ask quick questions rather than send long emails. Here are the best video platforms to keep you connected.

Facebook Groups

Doolally are a company who have tailored their marketing strategy towards positive mental fitness messaging surrounding Covid-19. The first port of call, a Facebook group for their private but welcoming community to share inspiration and positive messaging. People feel more comfortable commenting and sharing on 'dark social' platforms like this. Existing Facebook groups are tailoring messages to help those who might be struggling with work or feelings of isolation.

House Party

A week ago you will barely have heard about House Party. Now your mum is inviting you to family dinners on it. Digital campfires such as this will allow brands to tap into a hyper-personalised approach to marketing and really get to know their individual consumers as people, rather than stats.

If you haven't tried a Netflix Party yet, or watched a film with loved ones remotely, check out Culsans Gap Travel next week for a real treat.

These trends will not revert, they will not move backwards. This new marketing mentality is here to stay, and we look forward to seeing how generous, community-driven marketing tactics continue to thrive when society returns to normal.

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