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Content Marketings New Normal

Social media has come to life in recent months. Content marketing trends that we have spoken about for years have been accelerated resulting in increased engagement and growth across key platforms. Companies are using platform features as they were designed to be used.

On Ballymore's Instagram, we have seen a 500% increase in organic monthly follower growth compared to previous months.

Why? Through careful pre-planning, we have seen a reduction from daily Instagram posts, going down to an average of 3-4 posts per week, leaving time for community building, meaningful stories content, and sharing their collaborative community-building initiatives properly across each platform. Ballymore has supported small businesses on each development throughout lockdown. On top of this, the initiatives they have created included City Island Homecast with The Woods Studio on London City Island, Botanical Boys Terrarium Workshops in conjunction with EcoWorldUk and Wardian London, as well as their Book Club and Short-stories competitions for the tenants at Embassy Gardens.

In order to continue success on social media, we must learn from recent months whilst we remain open-minded and adaptive.

These are the three key trends from recent months that we must continue to integrate into content marketing as we move into a new normal.

Time for Thoughtfulness

The brands and companies who have focused on 'how they can help' rather than 'how they can sell' have won the attention of their audiences in recent months. Time to think about how you can add genuine value to your communities lives is integral. Time to review how each content marketing platform us used has seen the quantitative and qualitative value of social media become more easily explained.

Creating Community

Companies have created genuinely useful content, tailored to key communities including their industry, their target audience and with employees. Much of this content is episodic video content, enabling consumers to watch instead of reading. Episodic content marketing enables followers to build brand initiatives into their weekly routines, creating brand habits.

Quality over Quantity

A reduction in content for the sake of day-to-day posting combined with an increase in thoughtful content has led to improved results.

Case-study: Copra Live

In May, we worked alongside Copra to create a series of live-stream features to support their three key communities during Covid-19.

Community 1: the attendees of their annual events, by creating genuinely useful live stream and video content relating to mental health with Success Coach, Sharron Lowe and by talking to industry thought-leaders who provided insights and reassurance

  • Community 2: Copra's event sponsors, by providing speaking opportunities through their 'Brighter Days for Beauty' Live Stream initiative

  • Community 3: Look Good Feel Better, a key cancer charity for the beauty industry who would have seen financial support from funds raised at Copras postponed events

A delay in their usual activity provided us with the opportunity to stop and think about who we can support their community through uncertain times. We stopped usual day-to-day marketing activity, reduced posts and focused on the quality of the visual content we provided.

As a result, on Copra's Instagram, in May alone, we have seen a 580% increase in Unique Visitors compared to previous months.

In order to make the most of content marketing, your online experience must reflect the quality of your offering. Ready to look as good as you are, nurture your community and create online communications that you, your employees and your followers are proud to share with others? Contact

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