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These Applets will change your life!

app. /'ap/ noun

An app is an application, especially downloaded to be used on a mobile device.

applet. /'aplit/ noun

A miniature app that performs one or two simple functions.

....that will change your life!

In a world where technology is at our fingertips, it's not surprising that we have become reliant on Apps to keep our lives running smoothly. I'm guilty of it and have to confess that by the time I make it to the office at 9am I've already used at least 6 or 7 apps...

Let's see, there is:

⏰my morning alarm #1,

📅checking my calendar for meetings #2,

📱hootsuite to send my clients' social posts #3,

🚂citymapper to locate todays TOG office #4,

🎧 podcasts for the journey #5,

📷instagram for extra entertainment #6,

👋whatsapp to check in with the team #7

... the list goes on.

Let's face it, without these Apps my morning alone would be a disaster: these clever programmes have become essential. With the recent discovery of Applets we are upping our App-game!

Applets are micro-apps allow your current Apps to talk to each other. They use common programming logic to allow certain events triggered by one software to cause a planned action in another software.

We've put together our favourites Applets, that will make you very 'appy. Prepare to have your minds APPsolutely blown... (sorry, couldn't resist!)

💼The best for business

📱The best for social media

🌟The best for a bit of fun

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