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The Best Platforms for Group Video Calls

Many people are settling into new routines, rethinking how to evolve to digital offerings, or starting up the online businesses they have been meaning to start for. while. We work with a range of different businesses, each of which are using their own preferred platform to host group video calls. Whether you are looking to keep your social life flowing from afar, continue holding business meetings, or if your existing platform lets you down, here are the video platforms have worked well for us this week.

It is worth noting that the first meeting with a given group of people on any platform can take longer to set up. Give yourself a little time if you haven't had a call with a particular person or group of people via this platform before. This should get easier for ongoing meetings.

Microsoft Teams

This has been the most widely used this week for us. We have had global calls with very little issue. Once the meeting is set-up and the link is shared, the host chooses who can join.

Google Meets

We have had successful calls on Google Meets too, it is geared up well is someone will be presenting on the call. They have share their screen to multiple people.


Zoom is great because people can book in a time slot, making time management easier. The first 40 minutes of a call is free, which means you have to stay time efficient.


A phone app, this is more of a social media network. It connects to your Facebook and SnapChat to find which of your other friends have the app. You can then have virtual house parties.


A lot of people already have Skype, which can make it easier to get everyone on to a video call. You can also share your screen which has been really useful this week.


Everyone with an iPhone will be able to have multi-way video calls. Apparently you can host up to 31 people on each call!

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