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Confirmed predictions: Why Tone of Voice is everything in 2019

We have been banging on about the importance of tone of voice for the last year, and now as we enter 2019, proof is emerging already.

Today Monzo have released a comprehensive guide to their Tone of Voice on their website. Take a look, it's genius:


1. Transparency, relatability and humanity is mandatory

Banks may be an obvious example of a global mistrust between companies and their consumer, but it is by no means the only industry with this issue. Due to social media, consumers are savvy, they have buyer choice and they are done with being lied to and mistreated. People are looking to create a better world, they look to the companies they trust for education and guidance. As Sheridan&Co highlighted at the end of 2018, brands are basically our friends. People will willingly provide information to companies they trust to improve their overall experience, making it easier for the company to understand and communicate with their customer.

In a recent PwC survey, "We asked [these] consumers which factors, other than price, influence their decision to shop at a particular retailer. More than one in three (35%) ranked ‘trust in the brand’ as among their top three reasons (see Figure 1, below)."

Being 'trustworthy' is no longer optional, and both tone of voice and visual language are integral in easily conveying the right message. This is what we do as an agency. We make you look as good as you are across all of your marketing outlets through quality of imagery, written language, collaborations and identifying opportunities.

2. Brands must embrace creativity, clarity and thoughtfulness

Consumers are constantly being flooded with messaging from companies and marketers. With inboxes over-spilling, constant notifications popping up on our phones, our use of social media as escapism, it's hard to make one brand stand out over the thousands that enters our subconscious every day. How do we tackle this? Head on. We use creativity to encourage thumb-stopping content that makes people stop and open your emails, or stop and read your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn posts. We use creativity to stand out and do something different. We use thoughtfulness to understand and identify with your consumers needs.

If you would like us to create a tone of voice strategy for your company that creates trust between you and your target audience, and stands out above your competitors across all your marketing platforms contact

In the wise, infamous words of Nike #justdoit

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