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Special Care Brand Unit

At the start of April, Araminta Marketing co-hosted a special brand unit with Sheridan & Co for a selection of brands we have been working with. Wellness is a trillion dollar industry and is set to grow. In a quickly saturating market, we recognise the value in networking and how this is vital to the success of brands.

The wonderful wellness brands who attended the event included Arganic London, Jax Coco, Virtue Iced Tea, Superfoodio, 100% Natural Food’s, Ohso, Matchaelogist, KMPT Fitness and Two Chicks.Throughout the evening, we explored branding ideas, trends and marketing insights and topics surrounding social media. One highlight was the demonstration by Matchaologist

One thing we have been exploring is the power of instagram. Through the power of collaboration, an amazing wellness community is residing on the platform and each week we are falling in love with more insta-foodies.

What is important to Araminta Marketing however, is we seek to establish relationships and collaborations with brands based on shared values. As social media has so much responsibility when it comes to messages with society, we are conscious to build positive conversations with the consumers of the brands we work with. We feel really privileged to have been able to get these great brands together and discuss all things we love about wellness, social media and marketing.

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