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7 Ways to get ahead with Digital Marketing in 2015

Most people you know will be online in some way; social media appearing to be the most dominant online tool of them all. Generation Y is coming into the work force at speed and their knowledge of new media will be more proficient than the generations before them understandably. However, even those in Generation Y will not know all the tricks of the trade, so no matter who you are, these 7 ways to get ahead this year with digital marketing are worth taking into consideration.

1. Multichannel Marketing;

  • Combine digital marketing and social media throughout your marketing planning and resourcing.

  • You’re reach will become more widespread and people will be more responsive to content.

2. Focus on your target audiences wants, needs and loyalties.

  • Do your research about the people you are appealing to; new years, call upon new trends, so alter yourself accordingly.

  • Create life long customers by understanding what your audience is trying to achieve and what channels they are using to do this. Use tools such as Google Think’s Insight.

3. Lead with content: Understand what people are searching for and incorporate changes in your content that reflect these searches. Tools such as Topsy Pro Analytics are brilliant to help understand trends.

4. Make your site adaptable for mobile

  • A sufficient amount of your website traffic is likely to be on a mobile devise. Ensure your brand isn’t portrayed as being ‘behind the times’.

  • Make your website mobile friendly to encourage users to go on it in their free time.

5. Have a strong social media presence

  • Social media can be the tool in which ‘makes’ your company what it is. Create a page in which to interact with consumers and share content.

  • Consumers share links and retweet content that has sparked an interest to them in someway. A popular vlogger might praise your product, which could cause an influx of followers; if there is no social media presence your brand could be substituted for something similar.

6. Go beyond the last click in analytics

  • Appreciate how all your channels work in unison by using tools such as multi- channel funnels in Google Analytics.

7. Have goal driven measurements

  • Create goals in your analytics and focus on how your audience is reaching these goals. This will help you to comprehend where your multichannel marketing strategy is working best.

  • Be realistic with your goals and appreciate that some weeks there will be more hits than others; learning from the weeks that aren’t so great will put you in a better stead for the weeks ahead.

Digital marketing can be used in a way in which sets you out from the rest, however just how effectively your presence is can only be determined by you and the changes that you decide to make. In the business world everyone is in competition, so why not up your game this 2015 and enforce either all or some of these methods in which to get ahead of the game and thrive amongst the rest.

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