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Does My Website Need SEO?

72% of Brits say lockdown has changed how they shop, according to a recent survey by Simple Usability, 25% said they enjoyed the excitement of receiving a delivery.

Whilst we enjoy the excitement of non-essential stores reopening, it is clear that in the near future businesses are relying on their online discoverability. In the same breath, the future of discoverability for b2b and b2c companies has evolved. It is not a new concept to say that Millennials and Gen Z barely do anything without Googling first. Our recent lengthy lockdown period has seen that older generations now feel more familiar with discovering and researching companies online too.

There are so many ways that your company can help their consumer discover them online; PR, PPC, Social Media, Influencer Marketing to name a few. Before we allocate more budgets to paid efforts, we must first make sure all our organic opportunities are working properly.

70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC according to Databox

As 'a quick Google' becomes the go-to port of action for every potential consumer, ambassador and employee for almost every industry, you owe it to your company, your website and your overall marketing efforts to make sure your SEO is optimised and your website is easy to find.

There are so many things companies cannot control at the moment, and there are so many organic content marketing outlets that we can take the time to properly utilise.

Here is what you need to do to get your SEO

Phase 1; Set-up

  • Site Review

  • Keyword Research: defined by the client's goals, the first step of SEO is to research and refine a list of keywords used o target the consumer

  • On-page SEO: Each page must have high-quality, relevant content so that search engines can rank pages highly.

  • Google My Business

Phase 2; Content Marketing

  • Blog Content

  • Sign-up to download content

  • PR & Backlinks

If you would like help getting your website SEO ready, get in touch.

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