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Why Threads didn’t come together

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Did you know that Facebook (and therefore Instagram) have released a new app called Threads? Me either.. 🤷‍♀️ When a social media platform - created and launched by the kings of social - flops, you wonder why.

What is Threads? A messenger app created as an offshoot of Instagram to compete with SnapChat.

What counts as a flop? Less than 0.1% of the population opened it.

So, when Boomerang and IGTV are doing so well why isn’t Threads? If there is one thing we have learnt about successful social media and content marketing campaigns, it is that they must add to the target market’s lives in order to succeed. Maybe there was no need for Threads, seeing as SnapChat does already exist. The biggest difference between this and other apps owned by Facebook is convenience. A new app must integrate into the users’ lives seamlessly, which is why in-app extensions seem to work much better. With ‘digital wellbeing’ and mental health at the forefront of people’s minds, it takes some serious sway-factor to convince us to download a whole new stream of communication.

Social Media platforms such as TikTok are on the rise because they provide a new form of entertainment, something you cannot get from other apps. In the case of Threads, it seems people do not feel the need for multiple versions of the same app in their lives.

Let’s not jump the gun too quickly and pass a judgement on the app yet. Instagram stories took a while to kick off, we were wary of IGTV, and every time Facebook does a new update it takes us a day or two to accept it. This app has only just launched, and there is no doubt that Facebook developers will have something up their sleeves. Watch this space.

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