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Do I still need Facebook for business?

I never use Facebook anymore”. I hear this all the time. My response? “Well, you probably do”.

You are active on Facebook if you:

  • Have a business Instagram page, because you have to have a business Facebook page in order to become a business account on Instagram

  • If you click ’sign me in with Facebook’ when you want to log into a wifi without filling out forms

  • You use the ‘messenger’ app

  • If you are active within any Facebook groups or communities

  • If your Instagram posts or Tweets are set to automatically share onto your Facebook feed

  • If your Instagram stories are linked to your Facebook stories

Whilst you are not ‘active’ on Facebook in the traditional sense, the likelihood is you are using it without even realising. Isn’t that the dream for any social media platform, to be so naturally integrated into your life that you are not aware you are even on it!? Facebook is still one of the most downloaded mobile apps.

Like most popular social media platforms, in order to succeed on Facebook you need to adapt your social media mindset. Social media has become less about what you put onto your feeds. The power is now in the hands of your consumer: they are your new marketing department. Therefore, we have to think “how can we help people” rather than “how can we sell to people”.

So, when your Facebook posts are being soon but less than 1% of your followers, what's the point in taking the time to add content to your page?

The true value of Facebook is this:

  • You can ask people to publicly review you here. This is linked to your Google reviews so that when people Google you or research you on Facebook, they can see what other customers who have tried and testing your offering actually think.

  • If creating and nurturing communities isn’t a part of your social media marketing strategy, it should be. Your clients, customers and employees are craving community. In order to nurture these online community, brands have responsibility to become a genuinely useful resource. Facebook Groups are perfect for this.

  • For those of you who are actively advertising on Instagram or Facebook, you need to be using a Facebook Business Manager

I have always recommended that people who are low in time and budget do one platform at a time, and do it well, but now that the nature of social media is changing and each part of the process tying together you are likely to need a Facebook account. If you would like help getting on to platforms such as Hootsuite, where you can schedule the same content to multiple platforms, book in to one of our Marketing Drop-in Sessions.

Image by @h8uworld

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