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2019 Marketing with Emotion

Alchemy Oils reposting @femalecollective to use their brand to create a support system that encouarages self care and positive mental attitude

Building trust is essential in 2019. This is more of a survival guide than a marketing strategy.

At the start of January, Monzo made their Tone of Voice strategy public on their website to create trust, authenticity and transparency between company and consumer.

"Social media spurred a rise in the brave and the bold conversations that occur between brands and consumers. We live an age where brands are considered friends. They are our trusted advisories. They are an ally to be had in this hooha we called life.

Last year, Edelman noted that 67% of consumers would buy from a brand for the first time, based on their standpoint of a controversial subject matter. In a climate of fierce competition, it’s an impressive stat, and sets the stage for an initial make, or break between consumer and brands." Sheridan&Co Insights

Authentic, in turbulent social and economical times, consumers look to companies like Ballymore who represent the nurturing of key cities, for trust. People look to companies for advice, education and escapism.

Content produced in 2019 must personable whether it be on your website, social media, your email marketing subject lines or on printed brochures. To capture attention, trust and encourage engagement people must ‘like’ and relate to your voice.

Human and approachable to encourage engagement, create relatability and to stand out from other property developing companies, leading the way through communications to echo the forward thinking nature of the company and product.

Clear and to the point, pith is key, directly saying what you mean rather than dressing sentences up to sound professional.

Kind to echo your family values. Values, your mission and social impact should be at the forefront of each ‘why’ when decisions, news & announcements are being communicated.

Looking outside our own space creates opportunity to be ahead of others within our industry. Companies leading the way in other industries embody the above values:

Key content channels include

  • Website copywriting

  • Blog, PR & Thought leadership pieces

  • Social Media content, interaction & advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Graphic design, brochures, magazines and print marketing

  • Real life experiences including pop-up shops, in store, talks and events

  • Collaborations

  • Internal communication to employees

To explore meaningful content one or all of these avenues as a one-off project or as part of an ongoing strategy, download our price list and contact

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