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7 ways to get new Instagram followers for free in 2019

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Whilst it is harder than it ever has been to gain reach (because Instagram has more accounts than ever making people harder to find and they want businesses to pay for reach) there is a lot you can do to grow. Changes to Instagram algorithms are designed to make Instagram a better place by encouraging people to use it properly. With this in mind, here are my top tips:

  1. Use geolocations to check in.

  2. Use as many as the 30 hashtags per posts as you can but try to change them up for each post.

  3. Make sure you have the odd day off posting to clear the algorithms (and your mind from social media-ness).

  4. Collaborate with people, brands, initiatives whose audience you’d like to reach out to. Do Instagram takeovers, guest posts & collaborative competitions. Collaborate with the same people more than once.

  5. Use relevant #’s and location tags to reach out to as many people as you can. Interaction is so important, like any conversation, Instagram needs to go two ways- it’s not just about what you post but also about reacting to other people’s posts. It is time-consuming but I’d commit a block of time to it so you can track your results.

  6. Facebook groups have really good communities - joining in conversations and sharing your instagram page there is important.

  7. For companies it is a lot about what you do outside Instagram too- network, speak at events, pop-up shops, PR, create experiences worth speaking about, have social media handles on business cards etc

Gaining new followers takes dedicated time, analysis and development. We have created a new price list to enable you to purchase strategies and projects like this on a pay as you go basis. Email for more information.

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