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On Social Media

Social Media & marketing has evolved a lot since I started Araminta Marketing 5 years ago. It’s changed the world a huge amount since then. Simply being on social media is no longer enough. In the last 5 years, we have seen that it takes the right brand, with the right offering, the right values and with the right people by their side to make it work. When a company aims to have more of an impact than they need to is when we start to see results.

When Sheridan&Co clarified and simplified they are offering on their website, started creating their amazing Retail Insights, alongside great SEO & a strong new business team is when their database and online enquiries started to increase.

Vegan bloggers, tweeters & instagrammers are loyal to Alchemy Oils through their production & packaging values. The content and the look of their products matches the quality of the hair, beard and brow oil that they create. They are hard work, alongside global press coverage has contributed towards some of their biggest successes including their recent stockists, Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie.

On the flip side, we have worked with brands who have seen a huge amount of traffic and sales from social media, consumer shows and email marketing alone. By not having an easy to use website and on the ball customer service, the needs of loyal consumers created via social media were not met.

Social media is a powerful opportunity, not a magical solution. The possibilities are endless. It is time consuming, admin heavy, requires specialised creative, logistical and strategic skills. Like any element of any business, it takes hard work and optimism. Instead of focusing on ’not having enough followers quick enough’, for example, we must focus on what is working and how to utilise that more, or what isn’t working and how to develop that. Your consumers control what they do or don’t like, the trick is for the brand to listen to and play to their behaviour.

Having a clear message, goal, tone of voice and visual identity is integral across the board, for all outlets of a brand. Some companies hit the ground running, most have to trial, asses and re-evaluate to work out how to improve ideas and offerings. Success, as I see it, it when the right message, the right product or service, and the right minds work together & work hard.

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