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Fortune Tellers & Trend Setters

Image by @leabrisell

Humans create products & services as a reaction to something they feel is missing in their world which is why all trends are ultimately created by the emotional needs of humans, of a society. When Sheridan&Co predicted that ‘cannabis is about to clean up its act and become luxe’ over 13months ago, it took some time, research & consideration to believe this could be true. Now it makes total sense. People demanded legalisation which lead to money & research to be pumped into it by a verity of markets.

We've made some pretty wild predictions over the last five years and as we head in to Q4 of 2018, we have reviewed those that you should revisit for inspiration. Each is linked to its original article so you can read how to apply these statements to your brand.

Get in touch to find out how to apply popular trends & themes to your marketing strategy.

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