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Learning to Balance


Recently we have been surrounded by inspiring individuals and brands that are transforming the way we look at health. They are focussing on #prevention and #futureproofing our bodies instead of waiting for the reality-check of an injury or illness occurring.

It's been slightly #mindblowing for us and has revolutionised our attitude towards our own health and fitness. In the past we have blasted our bodies with high intensity training, spin classes and hot yoga, pushing to extremes thinking we were accelerating our fitness journeys. But now we have gained a new perspective. ..

We are swapping spin for sports massage and cancelling the gym for G&Ts. We’re experiencing a shift towards actual balance.

Don’t get me wrong #balance has been all over the insta for at least a year, but the insta-balance I’ve witnessed has been skinny girls (with perfect 🍑s - how do they achieve that?!), eating ginormous pizzas in a luxury penthouse apartment pretending they didn’t just do a 5 hour session with a PT followed by an afternoon at the facialist plus hairdresser perfecting their glow… not that I’m bitter that sounds like a great day, just not one that fits in to anyone’s reality that I know of.

We’ve spoken to the best of the best including Londons top personal trainers at 360Athletic and the elite physiotherapy team at Function360 and we are VERY happy to see them bursting this bubble. Excessive HIIT classes are actually causing pain, over-training when you are not a professional is resulting in injuries. Being neglected by trainers in a packed #classpass class is resulting in bad technique that is not only is hindering your results by actually harming your body. I’ve been there, I was that girl in the back of the ‘blast/fire/fury’ class attempting to burn a million calories a minute and ignoring the pain in my lower back as I fail to do the manoeuvre correctly.

I’m now in recovery from an injury from yet another HIIT/boxing class where my bad technique has damaged my shoulder to the point where I will probably have this recurring pain the rest of my life. Anyway, I’ve learned the hard way so you don’t have to and I’ve even put together some super simple tips that anyone can swap into their daily routine (without breaking the bank) that I promise will actually benefit and #futureproof your body:

☝️Buy yourself some resistance bands (the best fiver you’ll ever spend on amazon) and when you’re at your desk pop it around your legs just above your knees, feet just wider than hips width until you feel the resistance kick in then simply bob your knees out and in. You may have spotted the A-Team doing this all over The Office Group… or maybe you haven’t since no one will even notice under your desk! Just don’t forget its there and get up too fast to rush off for coffee - mega lols when you face-plant in front of your boss.

✌️Swap your next HIIT class for a session with an instructor who has actually got your back. I may be biased (but I know you will forgive me when you experience is for yourself) the 360 coaches are THE BEST I’ve ever encountered. Their small-group-PT sessions give you the actual guidance you need when training and literally will blow your mind with the amount of things you can do wrong with something that seems super simple like a squat.

👌Book into a sports massage. I know what you’re thinking, ‘sports massages for like athletes and professional sportspeople ?’. No. Sports massage is literally for anyone and everyone. I used to book yoga classes thinking I would give my body a treat and stretch those aches and pains out. But scrap that plan! Sports massage is so much more effective PLUS requires the most minimal effort aka lying horizontally on a comfy massage table - its the stuff of dreams really.

These three simple swaps are things that have changes my life and routine and ultimately my body too! I have seen progress in the balancers-of-instagram too, theres a few less perfectly-photoshopped photos flooding my feed and more thoughtful and real-ness gradually creeping in. The A-team are proud to be a part of this move towards values that are in line with our mission to sprinkle #consciousmarketing everywhere we go.

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