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Reclaim Your Social Media

I always find it interesting talking to people about how toxic social media ‘is’. Like life, I find social media is what you make of it. You choose who to follow, what to share, how to perceive what you see & read, & what to take from it. I follow artists, poets, writers, thinkers, people & businesses that inspire me or add to my life in some way. If we are as effected by social media as we say we are, if we are in some way a product of the people we spend time with (digitally or IRL), there’s value in being selective. Having studied photography & having always been a visual person, one thing I appreciate about my life in social media is that it has been a huge part of my journey towards falling in love with words. Reading, writing, sharing, thinking, questioning. It’s easy to see the bad in things and to be gripped by fear. The art is in #surrender.

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