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Insta-me: My personal experiment with captioning

Recently I have been writing a couple more heart-felt posts on Insta. You may think I’ve lost the plot but there is method to my madness. I have learnt a few things here that we can apply to brands.

I usually keep my posts quite breezy but the other day I was provoked to write one slightly longer, open-minded insta. This post embodied the following elements: it was meaningful, rational, claims were backed up with examples, & slightly exposing with a hint of light-heartedness. It was me. Hitting ‘send’ I thought about how people are 💯% going to think that I’ve lost it but eff it, they’ve chosen to follow me, they've seen my posts before, they know I can be pretty 'out there’ when I want to be. The response was great. The image was actually pretty boring (a standard post-workout selfie) but the caption got peoples attention. Opening up about an important, relatable subject, stopped people from scrolling passed my post or passively tapping to like, and triggered them to proactively engage with me. I’ve since used Instagram to explore a few more subjects that are important to me. Not every post, and not just for the sake of it, but when I had something heart-felt to say.

It reminded me of an instantaneous learning curve I went through about a year ago. I was standing in a calisthenics class (cuz I’m fly like that) with my arms folded, focusing, listening. My instructor came up to me, unfolded my arms, and said “if you stand in a closed position like that you’re closing yourself off people, they won’t interact with you.” He was indisputably correct and ever since that moment I have made an effort to keep open body language. This has been directly life changing for how I approach people and how they approach me.

It’s the same with your brand. 💡Speak openly, honestly and people will resonate & react immediately, but more importantly they’ll have a vested interest in your ongoing journey. In short, be more human. This is how we create genuine interest & long term loyalty.

Here are some examples of meaningful posts:

When we are developing a tone of voice for a brand we try to embody the voice of the founder(s) to encourage a deeper connection between the brand and the followers, we want you to feel the same connection we have with these kind, authentic humans having met them face to face. We want to undo the corporate, business-like tone of voice and bring out their true selves, because the people we work with are beautifully minded, interesting, intelligent humans. 🙏

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