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Boss Bae Tech Tip ❣️ Mac Space Saver

Is anyone else's laptop always full even through they have Dropbox, Google Drive, hard drives, cloud drives all of the drives?! As content producing fiends, we can't seem to get enough space.

Over the last couple of week I reached my peak patience for pop-up notifications saying 'your storage is almost full'. Hun, I have enough notifications in my life and I really only like good news interrupting my day like that and I dread to think that you might be going through the same situ. So, without further ado, here are my tips for reducing clutter on a Mac:

1. Look where the bulk of your computer clutter is gathering by clicking the Apple icon on the top left of your navigation bar > About This Mac > Storage

2. For dropbox, make sure 'smart sync' is on. You can always set specific files to 'local' if you're going to need them when your offline.

3. Mail: 'sort by' size and delete some of the bigguns. I tried to have my Mail on iCloud but I often need to search through archived emails and it was too slow.

4. Book a Genius appointment in the Apple store or over the phone. They will sort your whole life out.

5. Download an amazing app called DaisyDisk. It's my new favourite thing. I now have no wasted space on my laptop. (I learnt about it at the apple store 😉)

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