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The story of the surprise website

If you are reading this you're on our brand new website. Welcome!

Those of you who follow our Instagram may be aware that I didn't actually know we were getting a new website. I mentioned in passing that it was on my mind and my team went behind my back and made the most beaut representation of our brand and our service.

They then proceeded to lock me out of the company Instagram and take it over! Releasing hints of the aesthetic one snippet at a time on Instagram stories and on our feed.

Best hack ever.

I've spend the last four years making other peoples companies look as good as their product of service is by curating their brands online presence through content, social media, through their website, through their email marketing or sometimes by sending them to Sheridan&Co for a transformation of their logo & packaging. It all counts, its all an important part of your customer journey and in 2018 your customer really does expect everything they see to be on fleek. In fact, they now require your internal company culture to shine out too. Especially if the product or service you're offering is seen as a luxury.

When we start working with a new client we create an in depth strategy and plan of how we recommend presenting their brand online, each idea and concept is born from a cross between the clients goals, our core values, and a whole load of research. When we present is to our new client it's an emotional process for everyone in the room. Why? This is because it's a visual representation of how amazing their company is, backed up by fact. You can suddenly see your endless hours of hard work come together. We take WHAT you want to achieve and show you HOW we can make it happen, in a very visual way. The magical feeling of presenting someone with this plan for the first time never gets old.

Our website was great when we created it, and it was still good but it's crucial to keep evolving, to review and to develop your brand as a the wold around you evolves.

So a couple of weeks ago, for the first time ever in four years, I sat in the seat of the client. I was presented with a visual representation of everything I'm working towards, and everything I have created so far, and if I do say so myself it looks bleeping good. I'm kind of in love with it 😆I can't stop looking at it. I've visited my website more in the last two weeks than ever before. Thank you, Emma and Tash, for empowering our brand and for empowering me by supporting me beyond the call of duty. There's no I in team but there's a T(ash) an E(mma) an A(raminta) and an M(arketing)

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