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Facebook + Instagram Ditch Likes: How will this affect businesses?

In a recent blog post we explored new trends relating to 'dark social'. According to GlobalWebIndex and We Are Social, 63% of 16-34 year-olds are using dark social apps, this covers both GenZ and Millennials, two of the most influential groups on popular channels.

Why? As targeted advertising increases on social media, people are becoming more passive on public feeds and more able to communicate openly in private communities.

Facebooks move to remove public likes and commenting from both Instagram and Facebook aims to remove the pressure of numbers, and create a more enjoyable experience of social media.

How will this affect your marketing? As people feel more comfortable communicating freely on social media, your brand profile should act as a hub of small-group communities, entertaining videos, and educational content. Encouraging one-to-one conversations, while creating content that people want to share and interact with, will help your algorithms and create a more meaningful connection with individuals on social media.

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