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Emotional Wellness Month

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October is Emotional Wellness Month.

Emotional wellness is an important subject to us, especially with the impact changes in technology and how we communicate on social media can have. We're working alongside the brands we work with to raise awareness of issues surrounding mental wellness, and to show people that they have the power to create change.

A recent study by JWT Intelligence found that 75% of people associate mental health with overall health and wellbeing, suggesting that recent trends towards wellness and mindfulness are helping to reduce stigmas of mental health issues, but with up to 45% of mental health cases in America going untreated, and Millennials showing a higher prevalence of mental health issues than any previous generation, there is clearly some way to go in understanding and treating the root causes of mental distress.

😁 World Smile Day is on 6th October. This was created by Harvey Ball, the guy who invented the iconic smiley face symbol in 1963. He liked that his smiley was genderless, ageless, raceless and globally inclusive. He asked that we spend the first Friday in October dedicated to making other people smile which is why he coined #WoldSmileDay in 1999. After his death in 2001, The World Smile Foundation was created in honour. They carry on this day today. Read how you can use your marketing to spread smiles here.

Alongside this, World Mental Health Day is on the 10th of October. This year’s theme is mental health in the workplace, but throughout the month, we’ll be exploring different issues that impact emotional wellbeing, from the effects of social media, to empathy, anxiety and loneliness, and how brands and technology are working to help people.

Here’s how we’ll be working alongside the following brands to promote emotional wellness:

  • KIN believe in approaching their customers through education and empowerment rather than through making their followers feel they need to be a particular body type to be happy. Their tribe is a community of kind, like-minded people. This month KIN will be using their blog, email marketing and social media to educate their following about the benefits that fitness, nutrition and travel can have on mental health & happiness.

  • Elizabeth’s Daughter focuses on empowering mother / daughter relationships, and encouraging women and girls alike to feel comfortable in their own skin. With a following and target audience of teens, this month we’ll be focusing on creating content that liberates girls from the angst of teen stresses.

  • Alchemy Oils derives from ancient Indian ritual and Ayurveda, an alterative medicine with practices and therapies that focus on general, overall wellness. This month we’ll be working with Alchemy Oils to create content that enlightens people around the wellbeing benefits of Ayurveda and rituals such as hair oiling.

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