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Productivity tips, for when procrastination isn't working for you.

Image source: Missguided

A lot of the entrepreneurs or business owners I know work really well under a bit of stress. However, when there's so much to do you can't think straight or on the rare occasion you think for a minute you don't have anything pressing to get done, it's easy to start flicking between different tabs on your desktop, or scrolling through your Instagram notifications instead of getting through the older end of your to do list..

We are simultaneously described as a time poor generation, and masters of procrastination.. so here are a few things you can do to become more productive and free up a bit of mind space and time.

  • Write your to do list the night before

  • Work through one task at a time / one client or project at a time

  • Dedicate allotted time slots to go through your emails; shut down any email and messenger apps outside those time slots

  • Try to work offline. Get out a pen and paper where you can

  • Take meeting notes on paper. Then write them up and email them to all those involved after. Good meeting notes make create check lists to work through.

  • Download Wunderlist - it's amazing!

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