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Book Club pt 1

Emma's Book

The man who couldn’t stop

By David Adam

The most fascinating non-fiction I have read recently, this book explores the realities of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Stemming from the author’s own battle with the illness the book looks at a range of captivating case studies from the school girl who ate an entire wall of her house in order to placate her obsessive thoughts, to Winston Churchill’s fear of sea travel due to his ‘ego-dystonic’ urge to jump into the water. Adam explores many aspects of the illness delving into the scientific and psychological research alongside his personal experience and challenges with OCD. I loved the honesty of this book and the author’s portrayal of the darkest corners of his mind, handled with humour and eloquence.

Araminta's Book

The Alchemist

By Paulo Coelho

When Alaine De Botton talks about elements of religious culture that a secular society is in danger of missing in his book 'Religion for Atheists' he refers to religious scriptures. This resinated with me as there are particular books that, if I read a chapter or a page on the same day each year, they would have a completely different meaning to me depending on my mood that day or what may have happened to me in the last year. The Alchemist is no.1 on that book list for me. It's a short book about a long journey, a short book that says a huge amount. The rich philosophies will resinate with everyone who reads it. If reading isn't your think please listen to some podcasts with Paulo Coelho in, the way he thinks beautiful.

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