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Is Class Pass a thing of the past? 😱 (we love you)

Class Pass. Oh Class Pass. The ride started so sweet, but it moved too fast. And thus, short lived.

Following the popularity of the service in 2014, a promotional offer of an ‘unlimited summer’ was launched and many were hooked.

The initial concept was great as it capitalised on a market opportunity. Working millennials were investing in the health revolution, with super foods firmly becoming apart of the everyday diet. Exercise is a key pillar to health. There were many great things about class pass, including the ability to vary workout, enjoy a variety of amazing boutique studios, the flexibility and the social element as pretty much everyone was a user.

However, due to the pricing, the unlimited option became financially unviable. With increased prices for studios, came extra costs to consumers. As such, Classpass was led to increase membership costs. However, many users remained loyal and paid the increase as they had fallen in love with their routine and ability to exercise.

The decision to abolish the unlimited option has fuelled consumer backlash. On twitter, users have vented their frustration and anger at the decision. Consumers have expressed their disappointment for class pass to make a decision and feel as if they have been abandoned. Some have even stated they would have stayed despite further cost increases. Users have tweeted their decision to cancel their membership and as such, this could see the start of the end for Class Pass.

It is a shame to see the business model become unsustainable. However, there are lessons to be learned. Firstly, nurturing slow growth is paramount to success and maintaining costs. Secondly, consumer loyalty is crucial and should be rewarded. If a consumer backlash occurs, it has begged us the question to consider what the future of working out will look like.

In some respects, it may provoke people to search for a more singular approach to fitness. In some respects, we are constantly taking conflicting information from a variety of different sources via social media. You may see one fitness blogger’s leg day work out, and another could be offering something completely different.t

If you sign up to a studio and workout with the same instructor, you will essentially have one person looking after your health, as opposed to 5. This ultimately could enable people have a more tailored and targeted fitness experience.

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