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Digital Marketing Isn't Just About Creating Sales

Image by Oliur Rahman

I find myself having this conversation more and more:

Person: What do you do for work?

Me: Digital Marketing and Brand Development, things like email marketing, social media, blog content etc.

Person: Oh I don't need email marketing and social media. I'm not looking to increase sales.

I love this conversation, especially when it ends with "oh, maybe we need to have a proper chat about our social media."

As much as I do love having this conversation, I thought I'd save you having to listen to me drone on about marketing for half an hour by blogging about it.

Not every company does need social media, email marketing or PR. There are companies out there that need one or none of these things. I always say that doing one thing really well is far better than doing a lot of things badly. If you are on a budget, it's best not to spread it thin. Work out what your main goals are, and what will help you achieve them. Often starting to use social media and creating a database to market to is a great begin, but not always.

Whilst easily accessing a huge market of people across the globe is often the main reason to be on social media, here are a few more of those of you who aren't looking to quickly and easily reach a mass market:

1. Having a database and / or a following on social media can often increase the value of your business.

2. Online platforms allow you to learn more about your market so you can talk to individuals one-to-one.

3. Ease of communication allows you to help your customer in real-time. You are providing a good service you them.

4. Feedback on your service and publicly addressing misunderstandings. O2 are amazing at addressing issues efficiently or with a sense of humour. If they deal with it the right way, companies can end up better off for having been criticised publicly.

5. Establishing yourself as a leader of your industry.

6. Keeping up to date with relevant trends and news. Platforms have a wealth of easily accessible information.

7. It can be a creative outlet for you. If you are a creative person, it's crucial to exercise that part of your brain. Running a business often turns out to be more administrative than anything else. Social media can allow you to have your daily dose of creativity.

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