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Keeping It Real

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Here are the Araminta Marketing head office, we have all read #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. However, it wasn’t until we were discussing ideas about consumers and clients that we started to explore the way businesses reach out to their customers in 2016. This is when our discussion about #Girlboss comes in. As CEO, Sophia Amoruso describes in her book how she checks every tweet and snapchat for her business Nasty Girl.

Social media is a living community where consumers live and breathe. It is a free, widely used network of platforms for brands to learn so much about who they are trying to reach out to. We enjoy the fact that we have the opportunity to access our consumers at all hours of the day.

Amoruso makes the point that she owes a large amount of her success to understanding her consumers through such platforms, which is why she continues to lead the interaction of social media.

Understanding your consumer, whatever your industry our business is in is paramount. Here at Araminta Marketing, we invest a lot of our time browsing and researching consumers across all platforms. Social media is always in a flux. There are always new trends, instagangs and ways to communicate. It increasingly pushes us to innovate and explore new ways to reach out to our client’s consumers. Whether their goal is to extend their database, promote and sell products, target stockists, we always keep our finger on the pulse.

The consumer is at the heart of every decision we make. It is absolutely fascinating, yet beyond exciting to read about Amoruso directly responding to snaps from her customers directly. This keeps the relationship between brands and consumers real and authentic, which wins loyalty. We see this with smaller brands too. Social media has liberated the way consumers can communicate with brands. We have clients who have instamet and networked through platforms to create opportunities. Despite social media being a completely digital platform, part of its success lies in retaining what it means to be human - keeping the conversation real.

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