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Talks, Workshops & Tutorials

Araminta Marketing now does talks, workshops and even one-on-one tutorials focusing on digital marketing and social media marketing.

A luxury brand experience differentiates from any other because it’s personal. You might find you aren’t aiming to appeal to the masses, but to unique individuals or a small gap in the market. Although social media is generally thought of as a mass marketing strategy, it is important for luxury brands for the following reasons:

· Digital Marketing allows you to portray the unique character of the business, on a lower budget than mainstream advertising if needs be

· It gives your company the opportunity to become aspirational and appeal to the clients who may strive for your product or service

· Your database is your most important digital marketing tool. You can create a unique shopping experience appealing to individual tastes and past buying habits using email marketing and other platforms

· When utilised correctly you can appeal to publications, journalists and even networking contacts who are able to put your brand in front of the right audience

The Araminta Marketing talks and workshops are particularly useful if you fit in to any of the following categories:

· You have a small business and are not using social media yet

· You have a small business and find it hard to make the time for social media

· If you are using social media but are not sure why, or how to use it to achieve your aims

· You are part o,f or host, a networking group of entrepreneurs or small businesses

· You have a brand/ business with no single person dedicating time to social media or digital marketing

Talks are usually one hour with half and hour for conversation before (to get to know the brands and enable needs to be addressed in the talk) and half and hour for Q&A after. Talks usually cover how social media can be useful to you, planning, how to approach social media, where to find inspiration and useful tools. The aim of the talk is to make people think about why they are using social media, and how to use digital marketing to grow your client base. Each attendee will have access to a PDF of notes after the talk.

Workshops are half a day (4 hours) during which you’ll begin to put together a Marketing Profile with aims & objectives, learn how to use Facebook & Twitter, and get your ideas on to paper to put in to a plan. Each attendee will receive a digital version of a Marketing Calendar to allow forward thinking with both proactive and reactive marketing to grow your audience online.

Talks: £250

Workshops: £500

Tutorials: These will address the individual needs of the client. These are usually 2 hours but can vary. Please contact us now for a quote.

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