Mayday, Mayday! Too many dates!

Updated: May 27

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Can February March? No, but April May....

🎗Lupus Awareness Month

🎗Cystic Fibrosis Month

📸Photo Month

🌸1st May Day

💫2nd International Astronomy Day

🤣3rd World Laughter Day

👶3rd Baby Day

👻3rd Paranormal Day

🚀4th Star Wars Day

💐5th Cinco de Mayo

😎8th May Bank Holiday

🍰6th No Diet Day

🎗5th World Asthma Day

🎗8th V-E Day

🧦9th Lost Sock Memorial Day

🍩9th National Doughnut week

🎗10th World Lupus Day

🍕11th Eat What You Want Day

🌾11th Coeliac Awareness Week

🥦11th National Vegetarian Week

💉12th International Nurses’ Day

🍮13th International Hummus Day

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦15th International Day of Families

🐘15th Endangered Species Day

👒15th Straw Hat Day

🥃16th World Whisky Day

🧁17th World Baking Day

🏛18th Museum Day

🐝20th World Bee Day

🍷20th English Wine Week

🧘‍♀️21st World Meditation Day

🐢23rd Turtle Day

🙏Sat 23rd-24th Eid al-Fitr

👑24th Tiara Day

😎25th Late May Bank Holiday

👽25th Towel Day

🍮26th Blueberry Cheesecake Day

🍤27th National Barbecue Week

🤸‍♀️27th Senior Health & Fitness Day

🎗28th Amnesty International Day

🍔28th Hamburger Day

🥮29th Biscuit Day

🎥[postponed] Cannes Film Festival

🌺[postponed] Chelsea Flower Show

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