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Dayz MARCH On: March 2020 Marketing Dates

Image via Giphy

Marketing Dates for March 2020:

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦National Women’s History Month

🚑Red Cross Month

🍎Nutrition Month

🎗Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

🛌National Bed Month

🐉Sun 1st: St David’s day

💙Sun 1st: World Compliment Day

🐷Sun 1st: Pig Day

🎗Mon 2nd: Endometriosis Awareness Week

🥟Mon 2nd: British Pie Week

🐸Tue 3rd: World Wildlife Day

🐩Thu 5th: Crufts

🏎Thu 5th: Geneva International Motor Show

🍸Thu 5th: Absinthe Day

📚Thurs 5th: World Book and Copyright Day

🤯Thu 5th: University Mental Health Day

🍪Fri 6th: National Oreo Day

📵Fri 6th: International Day of Unplugging

🥣Sat 7th: National Cereal Day

👨‍👧‍👦Sat 7th: Genealogy Day

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦Sun 8th: International Women’s Day #BalanceForBetter

🌈Mon 9th: Holi Begins

📆Mon 9th: Common Wealth Day

👯‍♀️Mon 9th: World Barbie Day

💤Mon 9th: Napping Day

🚭Wed 11th: No Smoking Day

🎗Thu 12th: World Kidney Day

🛌Wed 13th: World Sleep Day

🕺Fri 13th: Ken Day

🔵Sat 14th: Pi Day

🛍Sun 15th: World Consumer Rights Day

🤡Sun 15th: Red Nose Day

💦Mon 16th: Nutrition and Hydration Week

🏆Mon 16th: Empire Awards

☘️Tue 15th: St Patrick’s Day

😬Wed 18th: Awkward Moments Day

🌱Fri 20th: Spring Equinox

😊Fri 20th: International Day of Happiness

🐦Sat 21st: Twitter's Birthday

📝Sat 21st: World Poetry Day

🎗Sat 21st: World Down Syndrome Day

🌹Sat 21st: International Fragrance Day

🌲Sat 21st: International Day of Forests

💦Sun 22nd: World Water Day

💐Sun 22nd: Mother’s Day

🐶Mon 23rd: National Puppy Day

☄️Mon 23rd: Near Miss Day

🥮Wed 25th: International Waffle Day

🌳Sat 28th: Take a Walk in the Park Day

⏰Sun 29th: Clocks Go Forward (Daylight Savings)

🤑Mon 31st: Equal Payday

🏒Mon 31st: Ice Hockey Women's World Championships

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