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New Year, New Dayz. January 2020 Marketing Dates

🍾Wed 1st: New Year’s Day

🤕Wed 1st: National Hangover Day/ National Bloody Mary Day

💕Wed 1st: Love Your Liver

🤐Thu 2nd: World Introvert Day

💪Thu 2nd: National Personal Trainer Awareness Day (US)

👨‍🚀Thu 2nd: National Sci Fi Day (Isaac Asimov’s Birthday)

💤Fri 3rd: Festival of Sleep Day

⛰Fri 3rd: JRR Tolkien’s Birthday

🤯Sat 4th: National Trivia Day (US)

⏱Sat 4th: Hypnotism Day

👐Sat 4th: World Braille Day

🦅Sun 5th: National Bird Day (US)

❣️Mon 6th: National Cuddle Up Day

🖥Mon 6th: National Technology Day (US)

🍪Mon 6th: National Shortbread Day (UK)

🎄Tues 7th: Orthodox Christmas

🏆Tues 7th: The Baftas

❄️Wed 8th: National Winter Skin Relief Day

🛁Wed 8th: National Bubble Bath Day (US)

🙏🏽Thu 9th: Play God Day

💋Sat 11th: International Thank You Day

🆘Sat 11th: Morse Code Day

👩🏻‍🦰Sun 12th: National Kiss a Ginger Day (US)

✨Mon 13th: Make Your Dream Come True Day

🍆Tues 14th: National STI Day

🦄Tues 14th: National Dress Up your Pet Day (US)

🏡Tues 14th: Organise Your Home Day

🖌Tues 14th: Poetry at Work Day

🎩Wed 15th: National Hat Day (US)

🏛Wed 15th: Museum Selfie Day

🌶Thur 16th: International Spicy Food Day

🐉Thu 16th: Appreciate a Dragon Day

🍝Fri 17th: International Day of Italian Cuisine

🤤Fri 17th: Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

🎂Fri 17th: Mohammed Ali’s Birthday

🎂Fri 17th: Vidal Sassoon’s Birthday

🍯Sat 18th: Winnie The Pooh Day (AA Milne’s Birthday)

🍿Sun 19th: National Popcorn Day

💒Sun 19th: World Religion Day

🧀Mon 20th: National Cheese Lover’s Day

🐧Mon 20th: Penguin Awareness Day

🌚Mon 20th: Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon

💙Mon 20th: Blue Monday

👖Tues 21st: International Sweatpants Day

🤗Tues 21st: National Hug Day

🥳Tues 21st: Martin Luther King Day

🥵Wed 22nd: Hot Sauce Day

📚Wed 22nd: Library Shelfie Day (US)

📝Thu 23rd: Handwriting Day

🥰Fri 24th: National Compliment Day (US)

🐲 Sat 25th: Chinese New Year

🖌Sat 25th: Burns Night

🦘Sun 26th: Australia Day

🙏Mon 27th: Holocaust Memorial Day

🥮Mon 27th: International Chocolate Cake Day

🤱Mon 27th: World Breast Pumping Day

✨Mon 27th: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

🥞Tues 28th: National Blueberry Pancake Day (US)

🎂Wed 29th: Oprah’s Birthday

🎂Fri 31st: Justin Timberlake’s Birthday

🚶‍♀️Fri 31st: Backward Day

👨‍🎨Fri 31st: Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

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