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Social Media & Sleep

We love sleep as much as we love social media, and have noticed that there are times where one can get in the way of the other, which just won't do. As a content marketing agency that specialises in social media you may expect us to want to encourage you to spend more time on Instagram and Twitter but seriously, how are you meant to fully enjoy our amazing posts if you're sleep deprived?

A recent article by the BBC highlights that moderation is key with social media, as it is with everything, (including moderation according to Oscar Wilde).

How to help yourself ensure social media doesn't eat in to your precious hours of sleep?

  • Avoid your phone for 30mins before you go to bed

  • Consider switching notifications off - each notification that pops up on your home screen gives you a little boost of stimulating endorphins

  • Moderate your use throughout the day - whether you stick to checking social media at certain times, or have a couple of days a week where you commit to less technology in general

Follow the BBC's #LikeMinded for tricks and tips to help moderate your social media use.

Urban Massage are also running an event on 'How to live #ComparisonFree on social media' at their Old Street pop-up, 18.30 on 17th Jan.

Image source: girlsandguns tumblr

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