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Event: Conscious Marketing Breaky

The other morning the #ateam hosted a Conscious Marketing breakfast alongside KIN and Sabrina from Anxiously Active so explore how we can use social media to help people, whether it be to make them smile for a split second, inform them of something they didn’t know, or encourage people to help others.

I honestly can't thank everyone who attended enough for getting out of bed, let's be honest, super early and giving us the extra precious hours of your day. I know some of you would like to have been there and couldn't make it so as promised, below is a quick round-up of what we spoke about.

🐝 Be hilarious 🍬 Be kind 🍠 Share informative, well informed information 🖍 A good quote can set you up for the day 👨‍🎨 Be creative, express your inner artist and make beautiful things. Instagram is a great creative outlet 🍞 Be yourself, be honest about who you are. You just do you, honey, you're swell. 👩‍🚀 Quality over quantity

⏳ Think before you post, even it it's just for a second 🤔 Think beyond what you're putting out there, listen to other people too. React, chat, it's a community. 🍾 Be light-hearted too. Social media can be so intense! 🐻 Here is a list of #'s people are using to create support groups and use social media for good.

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