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Random Acts of Kindness Day

At the beginning of this week we sent out some images to brands that we think are kind for Random Acts of Kindness Week. Since it’s officially Random Acts of Kindness Day, we thought we’d make a list of brands we think are kind, supportive, or are just generally doing amazing things.

Alchemy are staunch supporters of the cruelty free beauty movement. They are registered by the Vegan Society, certified by Peta as cruelty-free, and are members of the Beauty Without Bunnies programme. While they’ve always had this ethos, Alchemy have recently started talking more about cruelty-free beauty, to help educate others. By showing that you can have amazing products without testing on animals, Alchemy are helping to reduce the reliance on animal testing in the cosmetics industry >> Read more

We love that KIN emphasise the importance of education. They don’t want you to follow fad diets, and recognise how importance education and the advice of experts is in maintaining a healthy diet. Because of this, they work with experts to deliver the very best advice to their buyers and, through their blog, address all aspects of fitness, from diet, to exercise, sleep and mental wellbeing. They even have the hashtag #beKINd! >> Read more

Oppo isn’t one of out clients, but they have shown huge support for the brands we work with. They created the ‘Don’t Tax Healthy’ movement, petitioning the UK government to cut the current 20% tax rate to 5% on foods lower in sugar. They believe that healthy foods should be cheaper than unhealthy foods, and therefore accessible to everyone. By reducing the tax rate on healthy food, Oppo hope to encourage people to choose healthier options. We love that Oppo use their platform to address wellness concerns, and are massive fans of anything that makes healthy foods cheaper! Their campaign has been incredible for lifting the power of small brands, and, as we like to say, many hands can make a huge difference. >>

Through their #oneaday challenge, Ohso have created high engagement with consumers, and fostered a kind community, in which people support each other, sharing tips and recipes. Their followers genuinely want to share Ohso and help spread the word. Social media can sometimes tend towards the negative, but the Ohso online community is one of the most positive we’ve ever seen, with people helping each other to reach shared goals >> Follow Ohso

Soveral emphasise the importance of constant research, and communication with clients, to create the very best product possible. Their product is amazing, and they are always looking for ways to build upon it and improve. They look for truth in today’s world of pseudoscience, and use pure essential oils in ingredients, to promote the practice of natural, responsible research. Their ethos makes them trustworthy and sustainable, a rare feat in today’s skincare market! >> About Soveral Products

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