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Putting the networking back in social networking. Posting on social media without interacting with your audience is like standing in the corner of a crowded room at a
networking event and expecting to make the most of it. Reaching out to your
audience on social media, when done the right way, improves your growth and
engagement. This will help you to grow your follower numbers and be prioritised by the social media algorithms to appear higher up in your followers feeds. 


Our social media growth hacking campaign involves reaching out to new and existing followers, we create a quality relationship and show that you care. This is the kind of extra touch that nurtures relationships and makes a company worth talking about.


What's Included:

  • One additional day of growth hacking actioning on your chosen account or accounts 

Please note you MUST have already purchased the growth hacking strategy before you can add additional days to the project.




Social Media: Growth Hacking Additional Day

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