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Email Marketing: Editorial Email


Do you want emails that people open now, or think ’I’ll try to read that later’? We create thumb-stopping emails that stand out in peoples inbox, with links worth clicking, and content worth forwarding to a friend. Why send any other email?

“We all receive hundreds of emails a day, yours need to stand out”?


Once we have made you an Email Marketing Template, the next step is to continue to communicate with your customer. An Editorial Email is an email that is sent out on behalf of your company that may include links to blog articles, company content, or editorial style content around selling products. 


What’s included:

  • 1 x Editorial Email created on MailChimp*
  • A maximum of 500 words
  • 2 rounds of changes (additional changes are chargeable)


If linking to your blog, editorial articles must be uploaded in advanced 

Please arrange a phone-call to discuss your goals and content


*Other platforms will be considered, please contact us before purchasing this product.


NB: We will not manage your email database, lists must be uploaded by yourselves, with your recipients permission, in advance. 


If you want a quick email that links to a single product, offer or service, check out ‘Email Marketing: Call-to-Action’.


For a multi-order discount, see:

  • Email Marketing: 5 Emails
  • Email Marketing: 10 Emails


Editorial Email: £180+VAT

Email: Editorial

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