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Why it's important to consider what it means to be human

It was a change of scenery for the Araminta Marketing team today. In a creative brain storm, accompanied with coffee and chocolate (of course), we were discussing strategies around building audiences and engagement with consumers.

Whilst the work we create is essentially digital and online, it would be impossible to deliver content without embracing what it means to be human.

It has often been said that one of the greatest qualities we can possess as a human being is the art of listening. It is flattering, charming and people value being listened to.* Most interestingly, brands that offer the opportunity to co-create are leading the way in terms of building and nurturing engagement with millennials.

So, how do we achieve that on social media? Firstly, listen to the conversations your consumers are creating through content they post. By doing this, you can join in and participate. Respond by creating content that relates to the posts they publish.

As well as listening to what your target audience has to say, it is worth noting what like minded brands you wish to collaborate with have to say too. Share their content, interact and offer comments on their posts. That’s how a human conversation works right? It is a two way street.

Although, that being said, it is important to not jump in on every trending topic or conversation that might be engaging your consumers. The key here is to have a focus. Focus on responding to a few trends and conversations through amazing content. Trying to impress everyone and touching upon too much can lead to consumers being overwhelmed and less likely to respond positively to what you brand is talking about online. Could you imagine talking to a friend and spilling out 100 things at once? How would you respond? You wouldn’t know how to start.

The key to producing a winning social media strategy is to approach your content creation in the most humanise way that you possibly can. If you would like to talk to us about your social media or online marketing email

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