It's APRIL, Fool: April 2020 Marketing Dates

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April showers bring May flowers .. Marketing Days for April 2020.

📝National Poetry Month

🐶National Pet Month

🤯Stress Awareness Month

🎗Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

🤡Wed 1st: April Fools Day

🎗Thu 2nd: World Autism Awareness Day

📖Thu 2nd: Children’s Book Day

🏇Thu 2nd: Grand National

☕️Thu 2nd: London Coffee Festival

🚶‍♂️Fri 3rd: Walk to Work Day

🎉Fri 3rd: World Party Day

🐎Sat 4th: The Grand National

🍊Sat 4th: Vitamin C Day

💁‍♀️Sat 4th: Tell a Lie Day

🏆Sun 5th: Olivier Awards

🛌Mon 6th: Pillow Fight Day

🍎Tue 7th: World Health Day

🎗Tue 7th: SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) Day of Action

⛳️Thu 9th: The Masters

🦄Thu 9th: Unicorn Day

👫Fri 10th: Sibling Day

✞Fri 10th: Good Friday

🎗Sat 11th: World Parkinson’s Disease Day

🦁Sun 12th: Walk on the Wild Side Day

🚀Sun 12th: International Day of Human Space Flight

🐰Sun 12th: Easter Sunday

12th-15th: World Design Days

✨Mon 13th: Easter Monday

🧩Mon 13th: Scrabble Day

👩‍🎨April 13th: International Creativity, Inspiration and Imagination Day

🐬Mon 14th: Dolphin Day

✨Tue 14th: Look Up at the Sky Day

📐April 14th: World Design Day

✏ April 15th: Designers' Day

👔Thu 16th: Wear your Pyjamas to Work Day

📝Fri 17th: Haiku Day

🤳Sat 18th: English Tourism Week

🧬Sat 18th: World Heritage Day

👯‍♀️Mon 20th: National Lookalike Day

👸Tue 21st: Queen Elizabeth's 94th Birthday

☕️Tue 21st: National Tea Day

🌎Wed 22nd: Earth Day

👩‍💻Wed 22nd: Dublin Tech Summit

🐉Thu 23rd: St George’s Day

🖌Thu 23rd: Shakespeare Day

📚Thu 23rd: World Book Night

Fri 24th: Ramadan

📚Sat 25th: Independent Bookstore Day

🛸Sun 26th: Alien Day

🏃‍♀️Sun 26th: London Marathon

🐳Mon 27th: Marine Mammal Rescue Day

☕️Mon 27th: UK Coffee Week Begins

🦸‍♂️Tue 28th: National Superhero Day

🐕Wed 29th: International Guide Dog Day

💃🏽Wed 29th: International Dance Day

🧞‍♂️Wed 29th: World Wish Day

🕺Thu 30th: International Jazz Day

💕Thu 30th: Honesty Day

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