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Why you need reactvertising

Remember that time that #Bendgate happened? The huge epidemic of 2014 where iPhone users realised their shiny new iPhone 6's were shockingly easy to bend! It was a pretty landmark occasion for the brand, resulting in a class action lawsuit.

Well, in the world of marketing it was a landmark for a different reason. It was the start of a knock on effect of reactvertising campaigns, including this witty one liner from kitkat.

Since then reactvertising has become fundamental for marketing success and creating viral content. Gone are the days of brands sharing the same-old, pre-planned, pre-scheduled content, it's now all about the real-time. Speed is the new sliced-bread (or in the world of social media: sliced sourdough with avocado).

This flexibility and reactive content is a trickle down from new agile ways of working. The focus being on maximum flexibility (not literally though sorry iPhone) with minimum constraints, resulting in increased productivity.

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