TIP 1: Socialising & Networking on Social Networks

TIP 1: Are you using social media to reach out to people? To socialise and network? Or are you posting daily on your account hoping they will come to you? 💭 If you were standing in a room of people, would you make more engaging conversations and lasting connections if you stood in the corner blurting sentences about what you do, or if you walked into the room, reached out to people and asked them what they want to achieve and how you can help them?

💡 In order to succeed on social media you must see it as this giant room of people. You must think about the person running each account rather than the data and the numbers that they add up to. This is exactly why we added ‘Interaction Campaigns’ to our #payasyougo price list. Here we execute, analyse and develop this time consuming activity to so you have the time and the #headspace to focus on what you set out to do when you started your company.

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