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Instagram's Latest Jam

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Instagram has just launched their newest update where you are able to select thousands of the latest pop songs and add them to your stories.

This new update virtually allows you to lip synch to your favourite songs or create comical music videos with your friends. The posts will still follow the original Insta story format where they disappear after 24 hours but will allow your followers to see what song is playing in the background thanks to the sticker icon which contains the artists name and the name of the song.

So how can you use this update?

Simply record your 15 second video and browse Instagram’s music library for the perfect song. The sticker icon will then appear automatically. Then add to your story for your followers and viewers to enjoy. It also allows you to skip the song to where you want to make sure your clip is as hype as possible!

The new update was only launched onto the app four days ago so it is early to say whether or not this music speculation will catch on. Is it goodbye pictures of Avo- toast and hello homemade music videos? Who knows? However we personally love it and think it will be amazing to help artists promote their music or just to spice up your story!

So get ready to view thousands of stories of people lip synching to Cardi B and Dua Lipa. Enjoy!

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