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IGTV in Action

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Can we just take a minute to appreciate what Netflix does for us? Not only do they provide us with amazing TV shows and movies but, with the new Instagram feature, IGTV, they've now given us a full 60-minutes of Cole Sprouse eating a burger. Nothing else, just eating a burger - can life get any better?

This amazing “movie” (it’s long enough to be one) generated 786,000 views and received more than 5,000 comments. Clearly, for the early adopters of IGTV, success isn't hard to find.

Having taken on Snapchat with stories and filters, Instagram's IGTV is now coming for YouTube, and the long-form video feature offers brands a way to avoid poor video completion rates on Facebook.

Netflix isn’t the only brand using the feature: Chipotle, Nike, Everlane, Trader Joe’s, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, to name a few, are using the IGTV to branch out to the younger generation. Louis Vuitton and Gucci shared videos of recent Fashion shows, while the others posted interviews and silly one-offs. These videos earn more influencers than still images, and definitely help brands to draw people to their products.

As Instagram says, people are watching 60% more videos than last year, so there is a high chance for yours to be viewed and then for you to be followed; while today's teens tend to prefer these sorts of live videos to traditional movies. This makes IGTV the ideal platform on which to showcase your brand - it even links people directly to your account, making the feature a relatively easy way to gain followers.

We covered 'what' in our latest blog, so now we're going to give you some tips on 'how' to win at IGTV:

  • All you need to get started is the IGTV app and your phone camera (video's aren't taken through Instagram).

  • Remember to keep your phone portrait, as the video automatically fills your phone screen.

  • There is a margin so make sure whatever you are videoing is fully centred, and check the background and lighting.

  • To make a great video, you have to keep your audience intrigued so stay on topic and don’t repeat anything.

  • Don't be daunted by the 60-minute allowance: while Netflix somehow managed to turn Cole Sprouse eating into an hour-long video, the majority of brands are using it to pass IG video's original limit of a minute.

  • You can edit your finished videos so pick an editing software that you can easily use, and make sure you use portrait canvas in Full HD.

  • Finally, keep it simple! You have limited space so focus on the main object of your video instead of trying to fill the space provide with everything.

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