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Meanwhile on InstagramTV...

So today Instagram launched its newest feature, IGTV allowing users to create videos that are up to an hour long with comment and send functions available for viewers. You might have already spotted the new IGTV icon on your instagram feed, if not you can download the new IGTV app.

Having reached 1billion monthly users this new tool is designed to open up new growth prospects. Before now, videos on Instagram had been limited to a length of one minute, but now Instagram TV is allowing users to create videos that are up to an hour long.

IGTV users organised in ‘channels’, pretty much the same thing as instagram profiles: the channel you create when you sign up for IGTV will be linked to your usual Instagram profile. The main features of the app are that there’s no feed, there are no still-pictures, no stories, and as mentioned, a much less strict time limitation on the videos.

So what separates IGTV from similar streaming apps like Youtube and Vimeo?

Well at long last, we’ll be able to watch videos on fullscreen mode without having to turn our phones horizontally. Instagram has already prompted famous instagrammers like Lele Pons, Kim K, and even the insta-famous dog Jiffpom to set up their new channels and create new content.

Despite having started off as a photo app, moving images and videos have taken over the Instagram platform, by launching this new feature instagram are presenting users with the opportunity to watch videos for longer and more easily.

It’s hard to tell how successful the IGTV app will be so early on, but it certainly does already have some interesting features. The whole concept of watching videos in portrait mode is unusual, and then there’s also a ‘swipe-to-switch’ function that makes skipping videos much simpler. Plus, as the owner of Instagram, Facebook has some algorithms that will most likely be great for recommending content to the app’s users as it develops and gains popularity.


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