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In the face of ever-present technology and recent technological advances, human traits like curiosity, creativity and empathy are being prioritised. It's now more important than ever to provide consumers with a consistent, human voice, build genuine relationships, and recognise individual concerns and unique values (basically the beliefs behind our #consciousmarketing, so stick with us to stay ahead of the game!).

Marketing analysis and consumer insights can reduce people to a series of statistics, and meaningless figures, and you can forget that each number relates to a genuine living, breathing human!

So in the year of human-to-human marketing* - where B2B now seems robotic and cold - we'd like to reconnect to the humans behind the numbers, looking at content creators, consumers, and people who are generally changing their industries (and the world) for the better - in short, our favourite humans.

*If you'd like to learn more about human marketing, come and see our founder, Minty Sheridan, at Health Bloggers Community's summit!

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