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Better TOGether

The Ateam have an office! We actually have 32 to be precise. How? I'll tell ya..

We are always entering 'tag to win' competitions on social media. Between the three of us we've ended up with a years supply healthy ice cream, healthy crisps, we've had jewellery, candles, so many beautiful things 💕This competition, however, was a whole different story. There was an interview and everything!!

Each year The Office Group lend a helping hand to a select number of business with founders under the age of 25 by giving them a years membership to their 32 incredible co-working offices. * Confession * I'm actually 28 next week but they made a special exception for which I am forever grateful. Like us, TOG (The Office Group) aim to surround themselves with companies with similar values that will empower their community. All of their captions and word puns evolve around working TOGether. This is an ethos that goes way beyond their marketing, it's spread throughout their whole community.

We've only been here for a few weeks and already we've started to create collaborations, generated content and been regrammed by TOG, attended talks and made use of their meeting rooms for presentations.

Watch this space for more exciting developments...

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