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Well to-do

You're either into lists or your not. I get it, I used to be not, now I'm obsessed. Have you noticed that the more lists you write, the more things you find to add? Yes lists, with an 's'. I'm all over it babe, and there's a clear correlation between the amount of 'to-do's' I add and the amount I get done. Especially when each one is split into categories, with deadlines and dates and emojis. I'm so glad geek became cool when it did. 🤓💕

The trick is not to let your lists become overwhelming in order to keep them effective. Here are a few tricks that I learnt the hard way

  • Write lists the night before or at the end of the day. That way you can get straight into them.

  • Prioritise. Order them!

  • Separate your 'need to do's' from your 'wouldn't it be great if I got this done'.

  • Put more mindless tasks towards the end of the day / week when your concentration lapses.

  • Review your lists. Sometimes things seem important at the time, and then sit there for months. Maybe its not as important as you thought. Cut out that clutter. It'll come around again if it needs to get done.

Places to list

  • Wunderlist (desktop & phone app)

  • Note pads all over the place (so retro - but having one by your bed is key, no one needs to be looking at their phone when they have a midnight idea)

  • Notes in your phone

  • Back of your hand

  • One time I physically had to write one on my phone, not recommended

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