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🚫 Are Facebook & Twitter kind of redundant?

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For years people have been asking us if FB & TW are phasing out, do we really need them or is it all about Instagram these days? Before you shrug these platforms off with comments like "they’re not relevant for my business”, make sure you read this.

Facebook and Twitter still have new users signing up every day and although engagement may seem low, this doesn’t mean they’re not making an impact. One of the biggest challenges for social media agencies is that, although people are using platforms more and buying through them, they’re engaging with them less. Social media is still just as impactful, if not more, but it’s harder for us to relate a tweet to a sale. What we have to think about is the whole customer journey.

In recent months we have found that Facebook and Twitter can be the most effective platforms for converting sales when used thoughtfully. It will only work if you find your target market and engage with them via Facebook groups or Twitter conversations. This does mean you have to do more than simply schedule a few posts on Hootsuite. It requires time, effort, knowing who your customer is, what they care about and most importantly, defining your tone of voice. The benefits of doing this are immeasurable, you learn what your consumers actually want, and how you can help them. It is with this in mind that posts, campaigns, products and entire businesses should be formed.

Do note that, whilst we recommend the use of a variety of platforms, we always endorse doing things properly. You’re better doing one thing really well than trying to keep up with 10 platforms.

Top tips

  • Pinterest and Tumblr are seeing a second wind atm because of their SEO and invisible marketing benefits

  • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram prioritise kind content as part of their efforts to eradicate online abuse on their platforms

  • Talk to people on Twitter & Facebook, you get out what you put in

  • Facebook groups are fabulous

  • You are fabulous

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